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F.A.S. Community Spay and Neuter Events and Specials

PLEASE READ EACH FLIER THOROUGHLY FOR BOOKING INFORMATION! Specials are individually hosted by different clinics.

Available to all residents:

Low-Cost Clinics in Maricopa County




  • FAS funded specials are not to be used by breeders, rescue groups or for feral/free-roaming/community/stray cats; including pets in transition of homes, pets going into a rescue, pets recently adopted, or in foster care.

    • Please contact the rescue organizations you are working with for their pet's veterinary care and s/n needs. Rescue organizations have access to "rescue rates" and discounts with many veterinary clinics across the state.

  • Recently adopted pets from a shelter/rescue group do not qualify- please contact the shelter/rescue organization you adopted your pet from for these services. Please see Arizona Revised Statutes regarding a shelter/rescue group's responsibilities.

  • If you are seeking to surrender your pet and have been asked to fix your pet first- please contact a low-cost clinic for pricing or speak with the rescue group about your urgency to surrender your pet. Many rescue groups have partnerships with clinics across the Valley for discounts and may recoup the cost through adoption fees.

  • FAS funded specials are for those in true need of financial assistance.

    • Funding provided to Fix.Adopt.Save. is intended to assist the general public with their pet's spay/neuter needs. By assisting the general public (where the pets come from), we aim to - keep pets in their homes, avoid accidental litters, roaming to find mates, and provide a healthier life for their pets.  All outcomes that decrease the number of pets entering the shelter/rescue system.

  • 2 pets per household, per year through FAS funding. 

    • If you have a litter, including the momma dog/cat, please advise the veterinary staff when making your appointment; the entire litter (with mom) will be assisted. Special circumstances may qualify for additional assistance of more than 2 pets.  

  • Vouchers are currently unavailable at this time- Please visit the link to many low-cost clinics around the Valley.

    • Appointments for subsidized assistance, are being booked for approx. 4+ weeks out; therefore, if you have a voucher - book your appointment ASAP. Extensions will not be granted for last-minute bookings, no-shows or cancellations.

    • You are more than welcomed to contact us and check-in for voucher updates - providing the pet owner's Name, phone number and address. Thank you.  

  • FAS funded services are for Maricopa County residents, only.

PLEASE READ EACH FLIER THOROUGHLY FOR BOOKING INFORMATION! Services are provided by different clinics.

  • Due to the increased amount of no-shows and last-minute cancellations- many of our partner veterinary clinics are now requiring non-refundable deposits to minimize the loss of space during these specials.

  • Do not email your request for an appointment to FAS; this will delay your assistance by the veterinary medical providers, as you will be instructed to call the phone number on the flyer.

  • Please be patient and kind when making your appointment. Thank you.


Complete details are listed on each flyer, including -  Animal age/weight restrictions, requirements for participation, location and date of the event, post-surgery requirements, the non-refundable deposit amount, and the phone number to call to book your pet's appointment.

Fix.Adopt.Save. funded services are noted on each flyer - Spay/Neuter and core vaccinations* (vaccinations dependent upon funding).

June 8, 2023

June 9, 2023

N. PHX area -
JUNE Special

6-9-23-Avondale- Flyer.jpg

85009 and 85041 Residents:

Maricopa County Animal Care & Control's Pet Help S/N Program

To book your pet's appointment - please contact Pet Help, directly, at the phone numbers listed on the flyer.

A no-show or cancellation within 24 hours may result in declined future assistance.

6.23-Eng- MC-PetHelp- General S-N Flyer-85009n85041.jpg


6.23-Span.MC-PetHelp-General S-N Flyer-85009n85041.jpg


MCACC's direct webpage for more information:

Click Here

We thank you for your part in helping our shelters and communities!

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