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Since 2012, Fix.Adopt.Save. has successfully decreased euthanasia rates by 88%, saving an additional 32,000+ animals.

This would not be possible without the support of community members.

Beyond adoptions, spay/neuter, and preventative pet wellness care, other ways animals can be saved in shelters and throughout your community are to
foster animals in need, volunteer, and encourage others to be responsible pet owners.

Please visit the Get Involved page for more information about volunteer and foster opportunities.

Thank you for helping to save more lives.

Low-cost Veterinary Services

AAWL provides Saturday pet wellness services and the

Arizona Humane Society offers low-cost veterinary services for your pets, including pet examinations, dental cleaning, x-rays and more. Please call for further details and pricing.



Quick reference sheet to Alliance/FAS partners- Your one-page cheat-sheet listing Alliance partners, contact information and core services they provide.

Click here for your PDF - download

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Pet Safety Tips during Storms and Fireworks

English                                                                                                      Spanish

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