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2012 - 2021

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2020 and 2021 FAS/Alliance statistics represent outcomes indicative of COVID-19 restrictions, temporary closures, and changes to operations within many of the partner shelters/organizations.

Organizations have joined forces to assist one another with special needs cases, increase foster care volunteers, and expand life-saving programs among daily efforts to promote the adoption of shelter pets. Through cohesive collaborations, Fix.Adopt.Save. efforts have resulted in a euthanasia rate decrease of 88%, saving an additional 32,000+ animals per year.

Since the start of Fix.Adopt.Save. intake at Alliance shelters has decreased by 38,000+ pets, per year. This comes as a result of a continued focus on providing accessible, affordable, and free spay/neuter surgeries with preventative wellness vaccinations to our communities in need.

Progress made is a combination of collaborations between organizations, grant funders, and the public; resulting in programs that yield more happy tails.

We thank all our partner organizations, veterinary clinics, volunteers, and countless members of the community that are helping to share our message and work alongside Fix.Adopt.Save. to decrease the number of homeless pets in Maricopa County. Thank you!

Fix.Adopt.Save. efforts would not be possible without the support from our primary funders to the Alliance -

 2012 to present


2012 to 2021


2012 to 2020


Thank you, for your support and part in saving thousands of lives.

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