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Saturday, March 2
nd & Sunday, March 3rd, 2019

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Below you will find full details about the event including requirements for participation and restrictions.  PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE PAGE THOROUGHLY.  We thank you for your interest and hope to see you there!


**We ask that you please not contact the participating organizations/clinics prior to the event as complete event details are listed within this page.

We thank you for your understanding.

Age and Weight Requirements for Surgery:

  • All pets must be between 3lbs weight and 60lbs weight.

  • No pets 5 years of age or older

  • Limit of 2 pets per household


*Vaccinations & Microchips will not be available separately.

Event & Pre-Surgery Instructions

  • Check-in will begin at 7am. First-come, first-served (ARRIVE EARLY)

  • Space is limited. Availability and kennel space based on sex, species, weight & size of animals

  • Free vaccinations will be provided with the surgery only

    • Vaccination will include a Rabies Vaccine &
      4-in-1 for dogs (aka-Parvo/Distemper combo) or
      3-in-1 for cats (FVRCP)

  • Free Microchip (with surgery) will come with free lifetime registration

  • Post-surgery items will be included (based on veterinarian's recommendation); e-collar and additional pain management

  • All animals must be in good health

  • All animals must be friendly

  • All dogs must be on a leash

  • All cats must be in a secure carrier (1 per carrier)


  • Water is fine up until you leave your house for the surgery

  • No pets that are in-heat, pregnant, obese or cryptorchid, please

  • No feral cats or rescue organizations, please

  • Maricopa County residents, only

F.A.S. Event flier
Please click on picture below to print document.


FNL-microadded.FAS Weekend Spay-Neuter F

PICK-UP & Post-Surgery:

  • You will be advised by each veterinary team as to when your designated time for pick-up will be. 

    • Please do not travel too far from your location, as they may call to advise you that your animal is ready for pick-up earlier than first stated. Your prompt return is appreciated.

  • Surgeries are performed in an order based on a variety of  factors; not by order of intake/check-in. Though obtaining a spot for this event is based on a first-come, first-serve process, surgeries are not. We recommend that you plan accordingly if you do get a spot but must go to work in the case that your pet will not be ready for pick-up.

General Event Rules:

  • Lines will begin to form OUTDOORS very early at each location

  • Please come prepared for the weather & wait time; bringing water for you and your pet(s), warm clothing and easy to carry chair if needed 

    • Last year many began to line up by 4am

  • Please have patience and be courteous to your fellow neighbor in line and their pet(s), event staff & volunteers.

  • Fix.Adopt.Save. representatives will be managing the lines as well as working alongside the veterinary staff during check-in. Please be sure you have read the details regarding the limit of space. 

  • Fix.Adopt.Save. representatives will be wearing light-blue t-shirts with the FAS logo


We ask that you please not contact the participating organizations/clinics prior to the event as complete event details are listed within this page.  We thank you for your understanding.

Location notes:

  • Avondale Civic Center Library: 11350 Civic Center Dr., Avondale 85323

    • Located south of I-10 on Avondale Blvd. East-end of center

    • The line will begin in front of library and wrap around the side of the building

    • Two surgical spay/neuter mobile units will be providing services

  • Altered Tails Barnhart Clinic Phoenix:

    • 950 W Hatcher Rd, Phoenix 85021

    • Entrance is located off of 11th Avenue & Hatcher Rd.

  • Arizona Humane Society, Spay/Neuter Clinic- Sunnyslope Campus - Phoenix:

    • 1311 W Hatcher Rd, Phoenix 85021

  • Arizona Humane Society, Spay/Neuter Clinic- South Mountain, Campus for Compassion:

    • 1521 W Dobbins Rd, Phoenix 85041

  • Altered Tails Barnhart Clinic Mesa: 7246 East Main St, Suite #3, Mesa 85207

    • This location will provide surgeries through Altered Tails and a surgical spay/neuter mobile unit.


We are EXCITED to be offering this amazing, one-time, event to our communities and their pets. We look forward to assisting you and working together to end pet homelessness in the Valley.



FNL-microadded.FAS Weekend Spay-Neuter F

Our Goal:
800 Animals To Be Spay/Neutered during
this event!