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Participate In TNR Program


Whether you’re caring for outdoor cats or simply an animal welfare ambassador, you can make a difference in cat overpopulation in our community while bettering the life of a homeless feline. Spay Neuter Hotline schedules and assists caregivers with over 1,000 TNR appointments each month. TNR is a community effort.


  • Trapping

  • Transporter

  • Host An Orientation

  • Community Outreach Events

  • Administrative Support (data entry and phones)

  • And much more...


To sign up for Spay Neuter Hotline's TNR Program please call 602-265-7729 (SPAY) or visit their website - ADLA

If you are an experienced TNR trapper/caregiver and need an appointment - You may contact Altered Tails Barnhart Clinics.

For more information about

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

of free-roaming/stray/feral/community cats, please visit ADLA and

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